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We bring discretionary investment management experience to our mandates from registration to termination. 



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Kingfisher provides assistance to investment businesses, including funds and their managers, regulated and private funds in establishing and operating Cayman Islands companies and structures. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. These services include:

  • Consulting on the general issues of structuring, business strategy and positioning

  • Liaison with on and offshore counsel and regulators

  • Advisory and project management services relating to the establishment of offshore investment entities, selection of service providers, corporate governance and regulator related issues

  • Physical presence services where active value-added Cayman presence is required. See Economic Substance services for more information

  • Company incorporation and ongoing registered office services

  • Ongoing board support and secretarial services

  • Oversight of service providers and appointed third parties

  • Bank account opening services

Establishment & Operating Services



CIMA approved directors with investment management experience.


Clients are attracted to Kingfisher as our fiduciary offering is enhanced by being part of a broader financial services business with each director having discretionary asset management experience.


Our team's experience includes regulated and private funds, investment managers, general partners, public company subsidiaries, through to UHNWI's, trust and sovereign structures.


Each director has over 15 years of experience spanning fields that include investment management, accounting, compliance, corporate management and contentious matters.


CONTENTIOUS MATTERS - Kingfisher's fiduciary services includes a deep specialization in acting in contentious, distressed and litigious situations.


We have been entrusted with many of the investment industries largest and most complex matters including Madoff, Fairfield, Lehman, Galleon, Commonwealth and GPB.


We design fiduciary solutions around the specific challenges and situational needs. We introduce independence and objectivity, combined with our extensive experience of contentious matters and, where needed, investment management, restructuring, and liquidity solutions. This empowers us to improve stakeholder confidence, protect value and resolve problems in the most challenging scenarios.




Successful investors and business owners sometimes need to outsource specific skillsets to specialists.

Kingfisher supports clients throughout the investment life-cycle with a variety of corporate finance services. Our toolbox includes:

  • company and asset valuations

  • sourcing capital 

  • sourcing investment opportunities 

  • mergers and acquisitions advisory

  • investigative, restructuring and turnaround services




Kingfisher can assist relevant entities with their Economic Substance Act obligations by performing Core Income Generating Activities (“CIGA”) in the Cayman Islands. The Kingfisher team are differentiated from most fiduciary service providers in that the individuals providing the activities have discretionary investment management experience, assisting with the Economic Substance Act requirement for CIGA to be carried out by suitable personnel.

Bespoke solutions and pricing can be designed for each clients’ particular Economic Substance Act requirements and may include the following:

  • Directorship of funds;

  • Investment officers

  • Directorship of investment management entities with trade decision duties;

  • Investment Committee membership;

  • Authorization of trades;

  • Risk services – VaR, liquidity and leverage monitoring, operational diligence, BCP and OM compliance;

  • SIBA regulatory reporting and liaison services;

  • Substance Act reporting for Tax Information Authority;

  • Compliance officer functions;

  • Investor report preparation and approval;

  • Accounting: investment manager accounting, payroll, banking and cash management;

  • Service provider oversight and management;

  • Company secretarial and board support services;

  • Registered office services; and

  • Provision of physical presence in form of premises, telecoms and IT.




Time to sell? Let us enhance value, reduce risk and simplify the process.

Kingfisher manages secondary market transactions for most illiquid asset classes. By taking an asset to our pool of 100s of buyers we aim to replace less patient with more patient capital.

Our sale side deals are GP, LP and board led as well as a variety of directly owned assets.

Our buy side specialism is accessing run off, residual and liquidating sales.

We cover most major asset classes including private equity, private debt, real estate, life insurance, litigation and special situations through to esoteric, bankruptcy claims and distressed and liquidating assets.

Access to 100s of buyers in a diverse global pool that includes secondary focused funds, fund of funds, litigation funders, family offices/UHNWI's, through to distressed and special opportunity buyers.

Our team's deals range from PE to pre IPO portfolios to developments in the Caribbean, from Middle Eastern loan books to Madoff and Lehman claims.

Our clients benefit from:

  • anonymity

  • asset specific research

  • market outreach processes tailored to specific needs

  • access to a global network of 100s of qualified active buyers

  • enhanced pricing potential

  • broader outreach resulting in lower risk

  • a transparent, robust and competitive processes

  • aligned & success orientated reward structures




Investing isn't always plain sailing.

Kingfisher is a leading provider of solutions to problematic and contentious investment situations.

We have been entrusted with many of the investment industry's highest-profile, value, contentious and complex situations. Whilst often confidential, these include GPB, TIBC, Galleon, Commonwealth, Agilo and many Lehman and Madoff exposed matters.

Our solutions vary depending on the specific situational needs and challenges faced. Being registered as an investment advisor in both Cayman and the USA, they may include one or a complementary combination of:

  • replacement independent directors (including full discretionary directors)

  • chief restructuring officer

  • emergency CIO

  • replacement or substitute GP, investment advisor or manager

  • liquidating trustee or soft wind down manager

  • investor/creditor advisor or representative

  • forensic and investigatory services provider

  • dispute resolution and mediator roles

  • capital and liquidity solutions provider

Our senior management team has career spanning experience of restructuring or winding down investment entities and investigating and resolving contentious matters. Such experience covers most asset classes and geographies.

Every problem is unique, and the respective solutions differ. Our core aims are to design and implement tailored solutions by:

  • engaging with stakeholders

  • aligning strategy with investor needs

  • enhancing communication and visibility

  • improving optionality

  • protecting and driving value

  • introducing liquidity where needed

  • improving results over the incumbent or Court driven alternatives




Kingfisher designs and provides clients with tailored and reduced cost solutions for the housing, ownership and ongoing management of residual, illiquid or contingent but longer-term assets.
Towards the end of the economic life of an investment structure, stakeholders may wish for its timely and economic closure but can be frustrated from achieving this due to the existence of residual illiquid or contingent assets.
Maintaining the existing entity can result in significant longer-term costs and there may be no appropriate party to oversee the forward management of the asset. Our tailored solutions allow for the lower cost, long-term holding and management of such residual assets.





All things come to an end and we have the expertise to make it as seamless as possible.


To support the final legal closure of entities Kingfisher can act in either an advisor or liquidator capacity to fulfil the statutory voluntary liquidation process of a Cayman company through to termination and dissolution.
SOFT WIND DOWNS - Kingfisher manages the soft economic wind-down of funds with illiquid longer-term assets, often combined with our secondary market services and residual asset solutions.

We often utilize the voluntary liquidation platform to do so which allows for a lower cost solution over longer liquidity horizons.

Across our mandates, Kingfisher has returned over $1 billion in debt repayments and equity distributions through the voluntary liquidation process.


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